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IROL #Spokesperson at ESC 2016


IROL #Spokesperson Eurovision2016
ROL a rappresentare San Marino tra gli Spokesperson dell’EurovisionSongContest 2016


Intervista per Eurovoix.com:

With the final of the 61st Eurovision Song Contest just a matter of hours away, we speak to Irol MC. Irol MC will be the fact of San Marino during the voting this year, revealing how the jury of Eurovision’s smallest nation has voted.

Thanks for talking us, this year you will be the voice of San Marino during the Eurovision voting revealing the results of the San Marinese jury, how does that feel?

I’m so excited about it! I hope San Marino can give the same visibility to any new talent and young artist next year; the artists need it!

San Marino is the smallest country competing in the contest and Eurovision is one of the biggest international events the country participates in, what does it mean to play your part in the 61st Eurovision Song Contest?

The Eurovision song contest is a beautiful musical competition and it is a great opportunity to be exposed to give space for our artists and our culture. This year Serhat from Turkey represents San Marino, but I hope in the future other Sanmarinese artists will be back on the stage.

What do you think will be going through your thoughts just before you go before around 200 million viewers across Europe and Australia?

Yes I am so excited!!I know that half of this world will be watching the TV at that time. It is a good opportunity to start to show everyone who is IROL!

At the end of last year you won the first edition of the talent contest “Talenti dei Castelli”, how did it feel to be crowned the winner?

It was a special moment, I’m grateful to my country for this event and opportunity. A young artist needs it!

It should be an artist from San Marino at Eurovision

What was it that drew you toward rap music and made you decide to start rapping yourself?

I started rapping at 14-15 years old and I’ve appreciated the culture through Freestyle battles and improvisation.

Have you had a chance to listen to all of the songs in this years contest and if so who is your favourite?

I’ve listen to many songs from this year’s contest and I love someone, but my favorite is Francesca Michelin with “No Degree Of Separation”.

The question has to be as a singer and performer yourself would you ever want to represent your country at the Eurovision Song Contest?

To Represent San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest? That does not scare me! I have so many ideas about it and to participate brings rewards and so many sacrifices. Of course it takes a team to take in the task and you have to bring a powerful song. But it should be an artist from San Marino who participates.

San Marino are the four country tonight to reveal their jury points so keep your eyes out for Irol MC.

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